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Monday, December 7, 2009

What is Your Favourite?

Thank you to those of you who entered the competition; we are in the process of sorting through them and working on deciding which recipe(s) will be winners.  The winner will be announced in just over a week.

In the meantime, what is your favourite food to cook?  Dessert?  Mains?  Snacks?  Appetizers?  Do you enjoy making new and different drink combinations?  Do you enjoy cooking summer foods or winter foods most?

Do you like simple meals or prefer making gourmet foods?


Sally, Greg and Hannah said...

Oh boy...that's a toughie! :) I think that I enjoy making baked goods the best. Because my husband doesn't eat veggies, we tend to eat smaller, simpler meals and he LOVES sweets. So, he cooks half the time. Also, he loves to decide what he is hungry to eat for dinner..ON HIS WAY HOME FROM WORK! :)

I really enjoy fixing winter baked goods too...breads, muffins, coffee cakes, etc.

As far as drinks go, I am not very adventurous. :)

Kath said...

Really depends on my mood. Its always fun picking out sweet recipes but maybe thst is because don't have them very often, and daily deciding on mains.
I'm definitely not adventurous with drinks, yet enjoy tasting new oneswhen out.

Anonymous said...

Aren't really as adventurous here as I could be, considering the number of cook books that I have! But no doubt they will come in handy, if not immediately, then in the future. I don't cook many cakes, etc, but they can be fun to eat! Enjoy trying different things, but the old favourites are always welcome too!

M. E. Stephens said...

I think my favorite things to make are the "flash in the pan" meals where most of the meal is cooked fairly quickly in one pan. I also enjoy making "goodies" - usually sweet - for family times. Sometimes these are baked, sometimes more like candy. I like to make these things ahead and freeze part of it so that we have some for spur of the moment times.

I have invented several drink recipes. Two of them are for hot drinks - hot coconut milk, and coconut hot chocolate. :-)

I like cooking with garden fresh veggies and herbs, so in that way I like summer cooking. But, I enjoy baking more in cold weather.