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Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Menu Planner

Back at the beginning of July, I decided to try a new idea - making a menu plan for the whole month, and trying to really stick at it in an attempt to be more frugal (using ingredients on hand rather than shopping for special ingredients when they are required on impulse).  July's menu plan went really well, so I have set up a plan for this month as well.  I thought you might find it interesting to see what we'll be eating this month...  And if you think any of these recipes sound interesting, ask and I will post them, if possible!  (The links take you to the recipes I've already posted, for your convenience).

Sunday 1st - meatballs with rice and vegies
Monday 2nd - tuna mornay bake
Tuesday 3rd - spicy sausages, rice and vegies
Wednesday 4th - roast pumpkin & capsicum pasta salad with bacon
Thursday 5th - leftovers
Friday 6th - slow cooker beef stew
Saturday 7th - chicken fried rice

Sunday 8th - pumpkin soup
Monday 9th - toad in the hole
Tuesday 10th - bacon cheeseburger soup
Wednesday 11th - leftovers
Thursday 12th - honey mustard chicken with pasta and vegies
Friday 13th - salmon and potato bake
Saturday 14th - pasta with tuna and tomato salsa

Sunday 15th - pot roast meatloaf
Monday 16th - bacon, corn and zucchini medley with baked potatoes
Tuesday 17th - sloppy joes with potato wedges
Wednesday 18th - chicken noodle soup
Thursday 19th - homemade sausage rolls with vegies
Friday 20th - tuna mornay
Saturday 21st - lamb hot pot

Sunday 22nd - fried rice
Monday 23rd - meat pie/tourtiere
Tuesday 24th - Amish potato sausage pie
Wednesday 25th - tuna penne with tomato sauce
Thursday 26th - chicken schnitzel with champ mash and vegies
Friday 27th - baked spaghetti
Saturday 28th - homemade pizza

Sunday 29th - Sunday brunch casserole
Monday 30th - tacos
Tuesday 31st - spicy sausages with mashed potatoes and vegies

What do you think of our menu plan??


Anonymous said...

Would love to see the recipe for the roast pumpkin & capsicum pasta salad with bacon! Jen

Bets said...

Too organised! OK there are days when I wish for more ideas, but to think up a month in advance would cause my brain to explode!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Would love the Amish potato sausage pie recipe when you get inspired!!
xx A. Bola

Clara said...

A. Bola - I will post that recipe, *after* we've tried it (to check it is any good - I've never made it before, and last month that day just never worked out, I think we had some leftovers to eat that night or something, so I haven't made it yet!!) :)

Danielle said...

Have you been keeping up with the monthly planning? I have in the past planned for two weeks in advance. IT is so nice having a plan. I've gotten away from it, but need to be more no time like the present. I think I'll make a plan.

Clara said...

Danielle - I haven't done it for the past few months either, but I really want to get back to doing it again... Must add that to my "to-do" list!! Thanks for the comment, you reminded me!!! :)

Ruby said...

I followed a plan for years. Monthly but tweaking each week depending on specials. This has gone by the way and I notice the extra cost .