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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Please participate!

So... have any of you tried any of these recipes?
Does this recipe blog interest you?
I would really love to get some feedback!  Please participate in the poll at the top of the blog honestly (how can I create an interesting blog if I have no idea what interests you?), and please let me know if you try the recipes and what you think of them!
Also, if anyone has an interest in seeing their recipe posted on this blog, or your favourite recipe if you don't make up your own recipes, please email me the recipe(s) at  I will try any recipe sent to me before I post it (with proper acknowldegment of the author/sender of the recipe) so I can tell you how I enjoyed it too!
In appreciation,


Kath said...

this is great, so many recipes sound YUM!

when i need a recipe i'll just come here
you should put pictures with each recipe, i find that i am more likely to make something if i can visualize it.

Kath said...

have only made scones :)

but i'll be trying some others out in future - sound yum

cute background design

Clara Van Nattan said...

Yeah, I know I should put up more pictures... Every time I make a recipe that's on here or one I plan to put on here, I'll take a picture and add it to the blog :) Thanks so much for the comments, Kath! If you have any friends who enjoy cooking, feel free to send them the link to this blog :) x